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Until December 2 Jupiter, the planet of expansion and abundance, will move through your earned income sector. This once-in years cycle will help you feel more confident in your talents and asserting your value. Your talents have a real opportunity to shine under this energy, while you can also receive financial compensation for sharing your gifts with the world.

The money will absolutely roll in more than usual this year, but you do need to guard against any risky financial ventures. They will drain you if you're not careful -- especially near January 13, June 16, and September 21 when Jupiter squares nebulous Neptune.

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You'll be extremely optimistic about them, but don't be fooled -- it just isn't worth it! You're also going to find your voice again this year in a powerful way thanks to a series of eclipses across your communication axis. On January 5 you might begin to overcome this fear of speaking up for yourself and what you know is real. A Solar Eclipse on July 2 might prompt you to go back to school and take on a new course of study.

Then, a Lunar Eclipse on July 16 will intensify the burning desire you have to speak your truth.

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View more. Don't be rude and invasive, of course, but consider the possibility of being audacious and zealous. I am overjoyed that you're not competing for easy rewards or comparing yourself to the mediocre crowd. This place seems to be a hot zone where love and healing interact intensely.

Scorpio Big-Picture Forecast for 2018

I'd urge you to riff on the future possibilities that both scare you and thrill you. Unfortunately, an artist named Anish Kapoor owns exclusive rights to use it in the art world. It will be a favorable time for you to show your versatility; to demonstrate how multifaceted you can be; to express various sides of your soulful personality. Ask for more help than you normally do.

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Aggressively build your support. I consider a solar eclipse to be a harbinger of grace and slack and freedom.

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