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Mercury will retrograde in your psychic and spiritual zone, so get in touch with the mystical on Tuesday. Dismiss nothing as coincidence!

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Uranus enters your income zone on Wednesday, helping you strategize new ways of earning—is it time to think about self-employment? The new moon asks you to initiate closure where you need it. Reunion season! Mercury will retrograde on Tuesday in your friendship zone, helping you reconnect with friends from the past. Uranus enters your sign on Wednesday—get comfortable with change.

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And the new moon wants to hear intentions on friendship and activism. Take it to the streets! Hurry up and wait, Gemini. Mercury will retrograde in your career sector, helping you polish off details and catch up on projects. Uranus enters your spirituality zone, so get in touch with the mystical in new ways, and on Wednesday, the new moon listens to your intentions on how you can be helpful at work.

Mercury will retrograde on Tuesday, helping you integrate the lessons of this year more deeply so you make wiser decisions.

Your Horoscope for the Week of November 19

Uranus enters your friendship zone on Wednesday, and you'll connect with friends who inspire growth. The new moon on Sunday wants to hear your intentions when it comes to travel and education—pack your bags, and enjoy! Mercury will retrograde in your intimacy zone on Tuesday, helping you let partners see the realest, most imperfect—but beautiful—dimensions of you.

Then, on Wednesday, Uranus shakes up your career in wonderful ways.

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The new moon wants you to set your most honest intentions on sex, relationship commitment, and growth. After a long day of cracking the whip in their public policy classes, all Leo wants is a place to kick back and enjoy some avocado toast with their squad.

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When it comes to Thrive, what Leo wants, Leo gets. With a menu reminiscent of everyone's beloved Happy and Hale, Central's only eatery is the ideal restaurant to satisfy Leo's appetite for delicious food and also for social interaction. Hardworking and practical, Virgo needs a campus eatery that will get the job done and get it done quickly so they can return to their fourth floor Perkins cubicle and continue grinding out that research paper that isn't due for another month.

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With pre-made salads, sandwiches, healthy snacks and, of course, coffee, Vondy has everything needed to keep diligent Virgo fueled without the unnecessary excesses of other campus eateries. Like Taurus, social Libra always seeks out things that are beautiful and expensive.

With brunch dishes that are as aesthetically pleasing as the art galleries, the Nasher is the ideal eatery to be featured on social butterfly Libra's highly popular Instagram story. Poorly lit and completely encased in concrete, The Loop has the ideal atmosphere for the mysterious and often secretive Scorpio. Anyone who knows a Scorpio understands that they have this allure to them that you can't quite put a finger on.

Sagittarius possesses all the curiosity and enthusiasm of a Duke first year. Fresh out of O-Week, this zodiac sign is ready to tackle all the challenges of their International Comparative Studies course load and do it with a smile. With a penchant for travel, Sagittarius will certainly be the first in line for the end of the year exotic cruise themed dinner. Always on the go with their 5 courses and 4 executive board positions scheduled down to the second, efficient and hardworking Capricorn never has time to waste.

They can grab their triple shot espresso and their sandwich here, they can work on their problem sets between classes here, and they can hold all the phone interviews and club meetings they want to here. Only 19 minutes blocked out for lunch? Don't worry, Capricorn, Twinnies has all your needs covered. Aquarius likes to fill their days with intellectual pursuits, and meal times are no exception. With the topics of conversation in the undergraduate dining hall tending to be too banal for their tastes, independent Aquarius would find eating at the Law School Cafe well worth the trek past Penn Pavilion.

If this involves having delicate conversations, do so Thursday and Friday when verbal Mercury will help you cut through the B. Relationships that have outworn their purpose will become especially clear this weekend. Endings are sad but they will position you for a better future. Your core relationships, and your sense of purpose and vision, are up for reevaluation this week. On Monday, the annual spring equinox moves the sun into Aries and shifts the energy into your zone of groups, teams, and friends. Your career has been on fire recently, and now you are broadening your mind and vision to include even bigger goals, and recognizing the importance of the strong alliances that will help you get there. So open up, share and let your relationships go to the next level. A person you meet though a friend or organization this weekend could prove to be a very significant relationship.

You have been refocusing your career vision over the past few weeks and months, and things kick up another notch this week.

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The annual spring equinox Monday moves the sun into Aries and puts the energy firmly into your zone of fame and success, giving you a new wave of opportunities to catch the attention of VIPs and watch your dreams come to fruition. But some difficult conversations Thursday and Friday could throw you off your game. If someone from your past re-emerges this weekend, it could be a sign you are meant to work together.

Spend some time focusing on your big-picture goals this week, and you will find that they may shift in interesting and unpredictable ways.

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On Monday, the annual spring equinox moves the sun into Aries, and brings you a fresh burst of energy and momentum. If you are traveling in the next few weeks, you may encounter people or experiences that are very significant, so stay open-minded and spontaneous. Try to be clear and solutions-oriented if work-related drama pops up Thursday or Friday, rather than getting overly dramatic. New ideas that cross your path this weekend may open your mind, and your heart, to a whole new world of possibility.

Some major, life-changing decisions have been on your mind recently, and this week, you will be able to focus on how you really feel about these changes, instead of dealing with others or overanalyzing. The spring equinox Monday moves the sun into self-interested Aries and will help you tap into how your core will be affected by the transformations that are under foot.

Trust your own feelings and instincts now rather than relying on conversations with friends. Especially since your ruler, communicative Mercury, makes some tense aspects Thursday and Friday, and will highlight difference of opinion, rather than commonalities. Financial decisions you make this weekend will have a long-term impact so weigh your options wisely. If you have been struggling to find clarity about important personal or professional relationships, this is the week when everything will come into focus.

On Monday, the annual spring equinox moves the sun into Aries and shifts the energy fully into your zone of partnerships and alliances.