Birthday horoscope cancer january 25 2020

Whatever you do for your birthday this year, make sure it's in celebration of you, not just what you think would appease the many people in your life. I also want you to be borderline demanding about gifts this year. Let your friends know exactly which blender you expect to see sitting pretty with a bow on your kitchen counter this year.

January 4 Zodiac – Complete Birthday Horoscope Personality

And be demanding when it comes to asking for a raise, too! You deserve great things, dear Cancer, and action planet Mars agrees as it enters proud, regal Leo on July 1, adorning you with a crown and urging you to fight for what you deserve. This isn't about being greedy—it's about knowing your worth. This month's Mercury retrograde is hardly the most intense thing about July—there are two eclipses, and one is in your sign!

No one is immune to the power of eclipses, which are critical turning points that interrupt our lives and redirect us toward our destiny—the harder you cling to what's not working, the worse things will be! But because you are ruled by the moon, eclipses which are basically super-charged new and full moons are especially potent for you, dear crab. The first eclipse this month is in Cancer on July 2. The last time there were solar eclipses in your sign were , , and , and now, nearly a decade later, you're looking at all you have accomplished and likely reconnecting with parts of yourself from those times, as you realize that a new cycle is beginning for you.

This is a turbulent and emotional period, and you're being asked to look at yourself in deep and profound ways that may feel unusual or even uncomfortable. A major fresh start is coming, but it will require letting go of the past, and letting go of versions of yourself that you've outgrown.

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You're feeling especially sexy and creative as Venus enters your sign on July 3. In addition to feeling much more flirtatious than you have been recently, this is also a fantastic time to update your wardrobe. Venus is all about harmony, and while it's certainly the planet of beauty, it isn't a superficial planet. Venus also rules our values, and as it moves through your sign, you'll find yourself reconnecting with your own values and realizing new things that are important to you. The conversations and ideas you've been working with since June 20 when Mercury entered its pre-shadow period come back up for review as Mercury retrograde begins on July 7 in Leo.

This will be especially true for topics in the realm of finance. Mercury retrograde is famous for delays and technical difficulties, so this isn't an ideal time to sign a contract or work on something new. Be especially careful of where you place your wallet and valuable belongings. That said, something that's been missing may turn up now! Mercury is retrograde in Leo until July 19, when it will reenter your sign, finding you reconsidering some of the ideas and decisions you've made.

Mercury retrograde finally ends on July 30, but until then, take it slow and don't overcommit yourself. My advice? Resting and work on projects that you've put on the back burner instead of starting new ones. During this retrograde, running into people from your past is also likely. This can be pretty exciting as you have so much ground to cover in a catching-up session! Venus connects with Uranus in Taurus and Mercury retrograde meets Mars in Leo on July 8, bringing you exciting social connections and finding you sorting out your budget.

You're itching for freedom, and financial security will help you take risks without stressing out too much. Mercury's meeting with Mars urges you to ask for what you need—especially if you missed your last opportunity to do so! Mercury retrogrades are annoying, but they also give us another chance!

Just watch out for obstacles, especially in your relationships, as the sun opposes Saturn on July 9—a grumpy energy is in the air. Do your best to be responsible and mature on this day. The mood is especially impulsive as the sun connects with Neptune and Mars squares off with Uranus on July 11—keep your spending in check, and be mindful of unexpected tempers. The sun opposes Pluto in Capricorn on July 14, which is a sensitive day for power struggles and control issues, especially within relationships. You often want to explore different jobs because you are probably undecided of the kind of work you want to do. You are good at keeping your money but sometimes, you might become a little bit mean with money.

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Your intelligence, dependability, and versatility will make you get your hand on different tasks. However, the creativity and social understanding of the January 4 child born today can make you perform far better in business, advertisement, public relations and promotion careers. In addition to that, your hatred for mediocrity can make you to work as a teacher, lecturer or probably a researcher. Moreover, your charm and creativity are great tools in entertainment, art and fashion designing.

The January 4 horoscope sign tend to have a good health if they manage their stress level. People born on January 4 are most likely to have stress-related health issues if they do not take care of their stress. Also, the need to watch what you eat is very important as people that are born on this day often have to diet related health issues due to their interest in cooking, eating and testing out a different recipe. Although you tend to be hale and healthy, you need to exercise your body in order to save yourself from obesity, and some exercise related issue.

Your skin is allergic to stress and bad temper, therefore you need to save yourself from stress or bad temper in order to prevent migraines or skin irritation. In addition to this, the January 4 zodiac personality are susceptible to injuries in bones, knee and other joint. You need to be careful of those areas. This symbol reveals a life of great tenacity, ambition, simplicity and responsibility. January 4 born, you and your relationship with people are defined by the Earth, your element.

The earth is noted for its ability to relate better with other elements. It does allow itself to be modeled by water and fire and it also incorporates air. This intrinsic nature of the earth influences the way you relate to people, and your ability to be well grounded in your work without any chance for fun. You and your birthday mates are the most active people on earth. The January 4 sun sign is ruled by the Saturn which is unarguably one of the seven planets that are visible to the naked eyes. However, you are born in the second Decan and by so doing become subject to Venus.

The power of Venus considerably influences some of your attitude alongside with the powers of Saturn. Saturn powers influence your determination, demanding attitude and discipline while Venus influences your creativity, social life, and adaptability. Naturally, you are a challenge solver and are always willing to solve any challenge with your wittiness.

Apart from this, you are influenced by Uranus which happens to be the planet leader of January 4 horoscope sign and thus, makes you be highly conscientious and goal orientated. These combined influences make you a sincere person who is highly dependable and reliable. The January 4 lucky metals are silver and lead.

The January 4 birthstone is Garnet. Sapphire is considered to be a beneficial gem for you. The January 4 lucky numbers are 3 , 6 , 17 , 18 and Also, the lucky color is brown for the Capricorn born on January 4.

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Dark green and earth tones are also lucky colors for you. Chrysanthemum , Carnation , and Ivy are good lucky flowers for the January 4 born today. The astrological house that rules over this day is the tenth house. The January 4 zodiac man and woman are a highly caring and compassionate individual who possess the qualities of a leader by being determined, creative and witty.

However, you need to learn relaxation practices and meditation in order to relax your temper. Bad temper often causes irritation on your skin and often serve as an impulsive attitude while relating with people. You will be a great charismatic leader if you are born on January 4 if you can control your temper.