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They also say that the role that astrology plays in your life is to point you to a pre-determined destination. Unfortunately, there are a number of contentions against astrology and philosophy, including the view that the ideas they promote about life, the world, or the universe may be reasonable but have no scientific basis.

It may be true that neither astrology nor philosophy is considered a science, but at the end of the day, people develop an appreciation toward these fields for providing them with a sense of purpose or direction in life. I shall consider my efforts successful if it inspires some other thinkers, astrologers, philosophers and psychologists to move further in this direction. The compass points the way to a predetermined destination, but it does not establish that destination.

Bio: Oscar West is an astrology geek and self-proclaimed cool dad who likes sharing his passion in philosophy and astrology.


Aside from writing blog posts about everything under the sun, he also does social media consulting for small businesses and tries to learn how to code in his free time. Contact him at OscarWest. We are in a brief moment with the transiting Sun and Moon in Taurus, the Balsamic phase, i. On Saturday, while contemplating a subject for this blog, I wanted to take a break from the obvious and fascinating and troubling national and global power plays, the shifting alliances, and the surplus of agitated situations and grandiose public figures apparent in life now.

A temporary quandary — how to meet a deadline and rest my mind — resolved itself as soon as I decided to try and capture a bit of the peaceful, yielding, accepting qualities inherent in the Taurus season. I knew that time in nature on Sunday would be restorative, and the beauty of this particular spring in Oregon made it easy for me to heed the call. Here in southern Oregon, we are having a spectacular spring!

By Gary O'Toole

One of many images of the vibrant natural world are the rolling hills covered now with almost—peak-season purple vetch, which creates a bluish lavender haze across the rich green of the hills, with the mountains just a bit farther away. We had late snow here, too, so the mountains have only recently surrendered their white helmets to the warmer days.

The dark of the Moon the Balsamic Moon is the quietest time in the monthly cycle. She has temporarily retreated — not needing our admiration or attention — into the invisible world. Sunday and today are the last days, i. Throughout time, countless myths have developed about the Earth; in early traditions, the Earth is considered the mother of all. All things come from her, return to her, and are her. In the s, I had the great good fortune to attend teachings with Vajrayana master Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche.

He was an imposing man — he was physically large and moved slowly.

When I sat in front of him, I felt the depth and strength and presence of a massive and still mountain. I hope that we all have a chance today to find the simple, elegant, and sustaining support that resides in all of us, all of the time. One startling and unfolding story is on the Big Island in Hawaii, where the Kilauea volcano erupted on May 3, and lava ribbons are bursting out of the earth in apparently impossible-to-predict waves of red fury.

CNN: Kilauea Volcano. Renn Butler is an astrologer with 35 years in practice and a parallel interest in non-ordinary states of consciousness. The author studied with Richard Tarnas and Stanislav Grof at Esalen, where he lived for several years, and is a Holotropic Breathwork practitioner as well as astrologer. Both men researched for decades, with Tarnas studying the natal charts and transits of cultural figures and historical cycles, culminating in his seminal work, Cosmos and Psyche.

In essence this application of archetypal astrology considers that the experiences of the birth process will be recapitulated throughout life for further healing and deeper integration of the psyche. Renn Butler researched his book between and Along with Holotropic Breathwork, Butler draws upon important research in psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy and plant-medicines.

He also includes each planet connected to the Ascendant and Midheaven. In discussing the archetypal possibilities, he is not just inferring or imagining but, as mentioned above, the work is based on decades-long research into the astrological charts of filmmakers, artists, musicians, along with guiding others in breath work and dream analysis. The insights about the planetary pairs and triads can be applied using virtually any technique — i. This book is a massive and extensive handbook, which benefits from its clear organization and language.

Gary O’Toole

Butler also includes a Quotes Index and a Dream Index for easy reference. For Heraclitus, the primary substance of the universe was fire — the Sun and Moon were huge celestial bowls of fire. Though it turns out that a bowl of fire remains an apt description of the Sun, it is overly simplistic to think that Heraclitus only thought literally , that everything was physically made of fire. Fire, rather, was the best metaphor for the Heraclitean doctrine of eternal flux.

The philosopher thought that the basic universal principle i. There is an astrological parallel to the Heraclitean cosmology. Over the course of 6 to 7 years, the Mercury retrogrades move through the four elements in reverse zodiacal order, from the fire signs, to water signs, to air signs, to earth signs. If it seems bizarre that ordering the elements in reverse to the normal zodiacal order should be seen as primordial and creative, we must remember that across diverse cultures, from the Greek Hermes to the Native American Coyote, the Trickster archetype has often been seen as inherently creative.

As I wrote in TMA earlier this year, retrograde motion is far more wonderfully complex than is usually portrayed. Moreover, if we understand the phenomenon of Mercury retrograde visually, during a very short span of time Mercury makes appearances above the western horizon, then dips below the threshold of visibility and finally re-emerges above the eastern horizon. And finally, the mixing between the interior and exterior spaces of our solar system can be seen as an exchange between the microcosm and macrocosm.

All this primordial mixing produces an alchemy that is quite literally capable of changing, or re-birthing, the world. For the next year, after occurring in the earth signs, Mercury retrogrades are happening in the fire signs. I think that part of the reason this particular transition seems to have so much power can be seen from the relative density of the elements. Any child knows that when you throw a stone into water, it sinks — therefore, earth is denser than water. And, of course, steam rises and water evaporates into air, demonstrating that the air element is less dense than water.

Finally, smoke rises even into the thin air, showing that fire is the least dense of all elements. Here is a pop culture example of this particular transition from my new book:. In the case of the Eagles, it was the latter. As their sound was moving from a mostly country earth influence to more rock and roll fire , founding member Bernie Leadon left the group December Through capturing the transformative power of Mercury … the Eagles were able to transform themselves from country-rock pioneers into pure rock and roll legends.

May the Trickster be with you! You may also enjoy: The History of Philosophy podcast. Retrograde Planets: Traversing the Inner Landscape. New York: Penguin, New York: Farrar, Strauss and Giroux, Auckland, New Zealand: Rubedo Press, , pp. Bio: Gary P. Caton is a trans-disciplinary astrologer who embraces an organic, process-oriented approach to spiritual growth and transformation via engagement with the living sky.

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Initiated into astrology via a dream in , he has since devoted his entire life to refining his vision. An accomplished stargazer and astro-photographer, Gary possesses the unique ability to combine the experiential power and dynamic images of the living sky with classic horoscopy and metaphysics — an alchemical blend of bleeding-edge modern research and pioneering technique.

You can catch Gary online via the popular Hermetic Astrology Podcast, or live on one of his frequent lecture tours across the U. He first became widely known internationally as the astrologer for Swami Muktananda, who invited him to come to the U. His service to so many clients in his busy astrological practice over the decades, and the knowledge he shared with so many students and practitioners will be treasured for many years to come. Chakrapani died on Saturday, October 28, at a.

Pacific time, Beverly Hills, CA. He had been suffering since August with the return of a leukemia-like condition, and in the hospital since early September.

I received a message that morning, but because I was involved all day in a memorial service and various family events for my sister-in-law in the San Francisco area, I did not pick up the message until p. I was concerned for his health this year, as many of us were. It was also 29 years a full Saturn return since my first-ever contact with him. He provided my first serious introduction to Vedic astrology and was a decisive catalyst. He has been a great friend and mentor to me ever since, especially from the early s onward, when we collaborated on various astrological research projects.

We spoke often by phone, and fortunately we had a chance to have a wonderful evening together in Los Angeles in early June. He had some back pain but was otherwise in excellent spirits.

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She was a Sufi, and very involved in that organization for decades. She died on August 26th. Just a few hours after Chakrapani passed which I did not know about yet , we were at this magnificent sacred building full of light and images depicting the evolution of consciousness. How many planets are in Vedic astrology and Western astrology?

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For movable Ascendant Aries cancer Libra capricon 11th house. Badhakesh could throw impediments on your path and make it look little difficult and challenging, while. Badhakesh Venus and its association with the 6th lord Jupiter in the 7th. In Vedic astrology, every Ascendant is assigned a Badhak planet.

Dear all, As you all know that, there are badhaks, badhakesh for all types of rashis ie For fixed signs assume Cancer 11th lord Venus.

Thus for the 12 signs of the zodiac, the badhakasthanas are: 1. Aries: Aquarius 2. The month begins with Saturn slowly separating from the south node, breaking up one of the most challenging conjunctions of the year.