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If Gemini or Virgo is rising, lagnesh Mercury cannot form yoga with the 4th or 10th lord, respectively, because they are one and the same planet. Similarly, if Sagittarius or Pisces rises, lagnesh Jupiter cannot form yoga with the 4th or 10th lord, respectively, because they are one and the same. In six other ascendants we encounter a yogakaraka planet, ie, one which rules both a kendra and a trikona.

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If we consider the yogakaraka as bisexual, that means it has more opportunities to find a qualified partner. For Venus-ruled ascendants, the yogakaraka is Saturn. For Saturn-ruled ascendants, it is Venus. For ascendants ruled by Sun or Moon, it is Mars.

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Although the yogakaraka planet has a switch-hitting potential to form yoga with other planets, by definition it cannot form yoga with itself. Lastly, we have the Mars-ruled ascendants, in whose charts there are technically no restrictions to forming the full complement of 11 yogas. Although there is no yogakaraka for these ascendants, neither is there a planet ruling two angles. Except for the lagnesh itself, each of the other kendra and trikona lords are different planets, thus allowing a full range of intermingling in order to form yoga.

To review, the basic rule for forming Dharma Karma Adhipati Yoga is that 1 a kendra lord must combine with a trikona lord, while 2 these lords cannot be one and the same planet. Aside from the above, the only other restriction is astronomical reality. To form yoga with it, the Sun must be associated with Saturn or opposed it — in the same or opposite sign, allowing just two signs out of a possible And if they own the requisite houses, they will form yoga.

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The same rule applies to most other pairs. Among these latter three, however, their relative freedom of movement among themselves is tied to an astronomical reality. Even if Mercury is 28 degrees on one side of the Sun, and Venus 48 degrees on the other, those two inferior planets can never be more than 76 degrees apart. So if we took Venus as being the stationary point, that means Mercury could be 76 degrees earlier in the zodiac, or 76 degrees later. So if Venus was in early Aries, Mercury could be back in mid-Capricorn.

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Or if Venus was in late Aries, Mercury could be ahead in mid-Cancer. To understand Raj-Bhanga Yoga first of all we must understand what Raja yoga is Its essence in definition is corelated to a situation where one can control and maintain a position of authority. Raja-Sambandha means connections to Raja; therefore, it does not imply a situation to rule but a situation which gives us a possibility to be close to people in charge.

Therefore there is need for this article. Sun and Moon are of Royal status. Saturn exalts in Libra sign of democracy and is also karaka for dethrownining others which is very often for todays politics.


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Therefore we should be careful about these lords of bhavas which natural karaka is Saturn — dushtana lords. Sun exalts and is Karaka for the first house in natural zodiac, owns the fifth house and get Dig-bala in the tenth house, therefore these three houses are of utter importance in regard to Raja Yoga. We must see situation in these houses and also lord of the same placed in the Kundali.

Dushtana lords in Raja-Bhavas. Influence of Rahu on Arudha Pada give scandal and type of this we read by analyzing dispositor which is Saturn which means that accusing is connected to his work abilities Saturn. Georgia and S. Sandwich Isls.

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