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They must also try to curb their impetuous side They are unusually direct in their approach to life.

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They are at once dreamers and doers. They resent being analyzed.

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Their outspokenness can make them both admired and misunderstood. As with all people born under a cusp they are of two conflicting elements, in this case water and fire. They will not be denied. In their eyes, they can do no wrong,and generally will not change for other people.

Zodiac Signs: Deep Astrological Insight Into Your Star Sign

Indeed, he has a strong tendency to despotism when he actually finds himself in a leadership position. Indeed, the lunar calendar dates of the Month of the Rabbit correspond roughly to the solar calendar dates of the zodiac sign of Pisces.

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Writer, sailor, artist, music artist, film director, actor, nurse, concierge, hotelkeeper, psychologist, therapist, cartoonist, state official, politician, nun, monk, priest, pastor, rabbi, imam. Skip to content Pisces zodiac sign - Dates, Personality, Compatibility. House constellation of Pisces Zodiacal House number : 12 Astrological House in opposition with Pisces : 6 Virgo Meaning of the House of Pisces : " we feel ", the unknown, religion, the spiritual quest, the trials, the hidden enemies, the unhappy decisions.

If they seem to be asleep, unaware of their abilities and strengths, they probably never had a chance to manifest their true personality in the right way. Quite fragile in their ways, they are missionaries and artists, those who feel the collective and have the ability to bring it down to Earth, with a need to metabolize all sorts of toxic experiences only to become stronger and self-aware.

Pisces Dates of Birth

The stone to elevate spirits in those born on March 19th while still keeping them grounded and in sync with their light within, is Himalayan gold quartz. It will aid them embrace their personal power and meet them with their true talents, bringing them closer to heavens and the upper realms that offer guidance. It is a crystal of powerful golden light that brings health and abundance, always pointing the right way and a direction to follow. For any special occasion in lives of those born on the 19th of March, you can choose a piece of art or something connected to different ways of artistic expression, primarily music. They need to be reminded of the collective compassion and understanding flowing far beyond our rational understanding. The best way to heal their Soul is to approach them through things they have to share with everyone who can see or hear the same things in a similar way.

Idealists with a cause to follow, they are open, sensitive and emotional, willing to give everything they have to those in need.

Inspirational and talented, there is nothing they cannot achieve if they only believe. Lost, sad, depressed, they can be so preoccupied with their stiff ideals that they lose sight of their own priorities and passions.

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  • In an attempt to find peace, they easily turn to substance abuse. Pisces - traits, personality, dates, characteristics and astrological sign information.

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