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Vos plus populaires du moment. Le feu ravage un immeuble de Pointe-aux-Trembles. Point tournant : Guillaume. Les 10 meilleurs restaurants au monde. Jennifer Aniston pose sans pantalon pour un magazine! Angelina Jolie et ses filles, magnifiques et complices sur le tapis rouge.

Looks de stars. Top ou Flop : Selena Gomez. Top ou Flop : Allison Brie. Top ou Flop : Taylor Swift. Top ou Flop : Camila Cabello? You could feel real support and harmony at this time.


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A political or civic activity around the home front is on your mind today and a few phone calls can bring several people together for a meeting of what steps are needed. The impromptu meeting will bring new friends to your attention as well as a business contact or two, a good idea. Keep notes on the meeting for future reference. Breathing fresh air, enjoying your surroundings and having no responsibilities is what you would like to enjoy today. Think again, you have several days before you can enjoy that kind of day.

You make your own way through a few problems today--you are in control. Active and inspired, you are a refreshing influence for others. Once you do become focused, your enthusiasm is contagious. You have a gift for motivating others.

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Creative projects get underway this evening and with your friends help, you and your friends will be able to pull in some extra income before the next weekend. Your friends confirm your strengths and fill you with love. When it comes to business and career, you have a mind that just cannot help but take care of business.

Your thoughts and ideas are nothing if not practical and your clear-sightedness makes some form of management or supervision almost unavoidable. Your sense of honesty and truth is something that other people sense in you and support. You might find yourself in a position of trust--handling money, vouchers, receipts and expensive items, etc. An interest and ability in athletics, exercise and working with the physical body, the outdoors, and such, should be lifelong and this evening you will find yourself with your friends in some sort of sports environment.

Travel with friends is indicated soon--there will be time for planning this evening. You are in a planning mood and very clearheaded and able to view all the alternative paths. Go ahead and make your decisions. You can see the road ahead and will make the right choices.

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You could be popular with your superiors. You may find that you enjoy your job or the responsibility it entails more than usual. After mid-October, incomes are decreasing and Aquarius is forced to make wise decisions in this regard. If the business you are involved in is related to art, design, fashion, import and export architecture then profits are high.

Year aquarius horoscope revealed

Those who have business at the international level will have much better results. Be careful when signing documents and contracts. But they must not be negligent with the way they feel.

Horoscope 2019 Balance

Those who want to be healthy must stay in shape, or get in shape, eat healthy and move. From mid April through September, chaotic timing and lack of sleep can lead to some diseases that can be prevented with regular meals and rest. Avoid exposing yourself to dangerous actions at home or outside because you can hurt yourself, and drive driving must be done with maximum caution, from May to November. Try to control your unhealthy eating habits and spicy food. A healthy diet will help you get rid of health problems at any age. If you already have a job, this year is well looked after.

Horoscope du lundi 1er juillet 12222 par Marc Angel

Work hard and receive the praise of bosses and superiors. You can even be promoted or you will get a nice salary increase. In you will look more determined and more focused on your work and you will get some benefits, provided you stay away from gossip. The Predictions for Aquarius suggest maintaining a good relationship with superiors because there is the possibility of occasional divergences. From May to November you have the chance to travel outside. There is a tendency towards aggression that will affect the work and strategies you have in the plan.

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