Cancer weekly 6 to 12 love tarot

Sometimes a soul that you already know comes to you as a teacher, and not every lesson is one that is pleasant or easy to learn. What can you learn from it? How will it enable you to grow?

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These are important questions, questions that this card in your tarot love reading might answer. You have free will. You can back out of a promising lesson, or you can go head first into something that is not appropriate. Of course, many factors play into this, and if you do this reading, and then do it again immediately you could get an entirely different result. Because the first reading gave you some knowledge, it changed your awareness. All relationships have to be worked on. Are you both willing to make the effort? Photo credit: Alexandru Paraschiv on Visualhunt.

Have you been feeling stalled in your career?

Cancer Rising Decans

Has an investment not paid off the way you thought it would? Have you been unable to make money from an idea you had? That could all change now! Keep your eyes and ears peeled as a new beginning in any of these areas could be just around the corner. Whether you decide to take advantage of them is up to you, but they will be there for the taking. This week the 9 of Pentacles is inviting you savor the fruits of your labor.

You've been putting your blood, sweat, and tears into your goals, and you are now seeing deserved success as a result of your efforts. This is the time to take advantage of the material comfort you've created for yourself. So, go ahead and book an expensive spa package. Take yourself on a trip. Buy that expensive bottle of wine you've been eyeing. You've more than earned the right to splurge! Are your beliefs aligned with your actions in the world?

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  • Have you been making choices that reflect your highest self? That's the question the Justice card wants you to ask yourself this week. This is especially important if you're facing a major decision right now. What you do could have a long-lasting impact -- either positive or negative -- on both you and the people around you.

    Connect with your intuition and allow it to be the compass that leads you down the right path, so you can avoid unintended consequences down the road. Don't let fear could get the best of you! The Moon indicates that lingering hang-ups from a past experience could creep up this week, flooding you with memories you'd just as soon forget.

    This could be something you tried to stuff down into your subconscious, hoping it would work itself out over time.

    Your Weekly Tarot Horoscope: Week of October 7

    Instead of attempting to ignore the issue, choose to bring it out of the shadows and heal yourself. It might be painful at first, but keep in mind that the burden you've been carrying has also hurt you over time. It could feel like you're caught up in conflict this week! The 5 of Wands indicates you've been trying to work toward some type of goal but are being met with challenges that get in the way of your progress. Perhaps you feel as though your point of view is being challenged, or it could be you're finding it difficult to work with a specific person. Either way, you're being challenged this week to truly listen to others' opinions.

    Cancer Weekly Tarot Forecasts ~ Aug 6th - 12th 2018

    You might find that what initially seemed like criticism was actually constructive feedback that will help you in the long run. Your theme for the week is successful application of strength. More specifically, emotional fortitude.

    TAURUS: Temperance

    The King of Cups is a person of insight and is very emotionally balanced and in control. Receiving this card is a reminder to harness your emotional maturity as you deal with a curveball life recently threw at you. Your initial instinct may have been to repress any emotions you had about this situation.

    Conversely, you could have let your emotions get the best of you. This card is urging you to use your heart AND your head as you navigate this personal challenge. The Sun is truly shining down on you this week!