January 2020 tarot for virgo

If you have important paperwork to do regarding your living situation, this is a good time to get on it.

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Love-money-and-beauty planet Venus enters cool Aquarius on January 17, and Aquarius season officially kicks off on January 19 when the Sun enters this Air sign. Mercury also enters Aquarius on January What does this mean for you, Virgo? With all this hard work, be sure to make time for self-care: Lovely Venus will encourage you to hit up the spa, or at least slap on a face mask.

Virgo, January - VICE

Refocus on your physical health, and find ways to connect with nature—keeping a few houseplants around never hurt any Virgos last time I checked! Your planetary ruler, Mercury, makes a helpful connection with Neptune on January 19, creating a delightfully whimsical, romantic vibe—perfect for penning a love letter. Make time to connect with others. Watch out for an erratic, annoyed vibe on January 28 when Mercury clashes with Uranus.

The month closes with not just a super moon, not just a full moon, and not just a blue moon— but an eclipse, too! The process can be dizzying.


Information will come to light. Maybe even you will do this!

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What will all the fuss be about? You need sleep.

You need time off. You need to reconnect with your inner voice. Catching up on time alone is crucial now. A break from mundane, everyday life is sorely needed. Give yourself permission to zone out with video games and movies if you need to, and try to connect with nature and with whatever spiritual food feeds your soul.


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